¨Belinda Sykes displays a masterly technique of genuine folk-singing, enhanced by her own imaginative and highly dramatic approach. ...it all sounds absolutely natural and intended. Instruments are introduced discreetly and there is some excellent, indeed brilliant playing, particularly by recorders.¨
Gramophone, United Kingdom

"Michael Posch et son ensembles réussissent à surprendre agréablement en pulsant dans les divers recuells et en leur associant des chants que la dèvotion mariale a dictés aux troubadours et trouvères. Une diversité d´inspirations, savantes ou populaires, profondément religieuses, voire mystiques, ou tournées vers le divertissement profane qu´il marie intelligemment. En même temps que le pèlerin, simplement, Posch nous conduit dans le secret du monastère ou nous accompagne dans des fètes joyeuses sur le parvis. Une vèritable mise en "Images". est enveloppé par un accompagnement instrumental tantôt méditatif, mais toujours joyeux comme il convient à une fête, même si elle est la conclusion d´une pérégrination parfois longue et semée de dangers."
Repertoire, France

¨This is an unbelievable wonderful collection. Very beautiful in a misty, haunting way. Very well done! The melodic lines of ¨Maria matrem¨ are very beautiful, and here given full justice by the unstrained and surprisingly beautiful voice of countertenor Bernhard Laudauer. The troubadour song ¨Quant ay lomón consirat¨ is another jewel in this disc. The first two pairs of refrains and verses are sung slowly, very atmospheric, with the harp quietly sprinkling in the background. Suddenly the pace quickens as the recordist (all praise to Michael Posch) leads the fiddles and drums in a fast-paced, exciting, action-packed torrent of melodies. Listen to the recorder lines, the natural sense of ornamentation, flurrying trills and the many voices and colours Posch draws out of his instrument. The spontaneous and thrilling quality of his playing is simply breathtaking! Once again, an excellent, excellent, splendid disc, worthy in any collection. Grade 'A' Naxos stuff (A+ if notes improved).
Absolutely wonderful! Long live the Middle Ages!¨

The flying inkpot, Singapur