Born in Forlí (Italy); He
studied violin, viola, music
theory, music history and
composition at the
G.B. Pergolesi-Institute
in Ancona and at the
Rossini-Conservatory in
Pesaro. Founder and
since 1982 co-director of
the Oni Wytars ensemble.
Intensive cooperation in
the fields of jazz with
Valentin Clastrier and
Michael Riessler; As com-
poser, he was invited to
the New Jazz Meeting
organized by radio SWF.
He writes about music
and conducts early music
In 1995 he composed
"La Divina Commedia"
after the book of Dante
Alighieri and in 1997
"The Return of Marco
Polo". Numerous CD-,
radio- and TV-recordings
as well as international
concerts with early music
ensembles and jazz
groups (e.g. Michael
Riessler Tentett) are
rounding up his field
of activities.