Born in Krefeld (Germany).
Intense occupation with
various aspects of Euro-
pean folk music with its
respective instruments.
Studied at the Music
Academy Göteborg
(Sven Berger) where
he obtained in 1990 the
"University Certificate in
Music" for bourdon music.
He studied the hurdy-
gurdy (Valentin Clastrier
and Evelyn Girardon),
the French bagpipe (Jean
Blanchard), specialized in
early harps and holds a
diploma for music edu-
cation. He conducts many
mastercourses of early
music, has published
several articles and
written a manual for
playing the hurdy-gurdy.
Apart from CD-, radio-
and TV-recordings, his
international concert
engagements with early
music ensembles (e.g."
Le Concert Spirituel")
are witness to his work
to date.